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I always found comfort in notebooks whether life is good, bad or indifferent, they have proven to be loyal unjudgemental friends. Unlike other friendships, they seem to thrive on abuse, wear and tear make them look and feel better! So whether you like writing poetry, record memories, sketch away, notebooks and journals are the best for you to be yourself without inhibition!

Judging by testimonials, clearly, others share the same feeling! It is nice to make somebody’s day…

I make all the books by hand, and I would be particularly sensitive to the tactile aspects of the book – of course, I want them to look nice, but I love them to feel nice too, and if they also smell wonderful, what a joy! I prefer natural or handmade material and at all cost try to buy raw material from reputable sources.

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At any rate, let’s keep in touch! Happy journaling and remember: we aim for all books to be a very tactile experience!


Handcrafted Journals/Notebooks

These rustic journals come is a variety of size and style. Bearing in mind the keen paper lover, artist, poet or writer, they are suitable for sketching, musing, recording…


Photo Albums

We offer a selection of size, style, Blue Photo Album - Exposed spine stitchingpaper and design. For a truly unique item, why not add an inscription/dedication in hand calligraphy?



We use mixed media paper to support a variety of techniques. However, we also can also use the (very) superior paper of former masters, or any media that will make your artwork shine!


Binding Techniques for your Perfect Space

Long Stitch
Long Stitch
Coptic Exposed Spine
Coptic Exposed Spine
Coptic on covered spine
Coptic on covered spine
Rounded Spine
Rounded Spine
Hard Case Embroidered Spine
Hard Case
Raised Cord
Raised Cord

Bespoke Dedication

From simple names to favourite quotes and poems

(pictures to come)

About Us

Leitrim cloudscape
Leitrim cloudscape

Based in the beautiful North-West of Ireland, Huga is small family business established since 2017.

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