Roscommon Cultural night for the Next Pop-Up!

Well, we enjoyed the pop up event in Virginia. But it is now gone only to resurface in Lough Key, Roscommon, to grace the coming Cultural night on the 22 of September!

Lough Key used to be part of the Rockingham Estate. It is however named after the mythical figure Ce. He was a druid of the god Nuada, and died reaching for a valley of beautiful flowers. Apparently the lake burst out as his grave was dug. I was told small independent monastic communities used to live in some of the islands. I am fascinated by those communities able to build houses, boats, rear animal, grow food and able to preserve them. None of these achievements can be “thrown from a distance”. Those are skilled activities, unforgiving if got wrong.

The same fascination goes for the bygone “lady of the house”, for who managing a house was not far from managing a business. Visiting Omagh American Park once, I remember a guide making a derogatory comment about the girls doing their apprenticeship in the “big house” on how to run a house. Instead they should be going to school and broaden their mind about the wonders of the Limpopo river. Housecrafts should be celebrated,  so should rearing, feeding and caring for a healthy family… Too often, these excellent skills are poo-pooed for some flashy career title whilst the essential gets neglected. Craft for life!

Meet Us Again

Anyway, I am losing my way here: the next pop-up is on the 22nd of September in Lough Key, starting with the Cultural night and ending on the 24th before heading to new horizons…