Did you mention a Poo Collection?

 Hello! Let’s start Spring with a sneak preview of a rather unusual yet very exciting new collection full of goodwill and good humour!
Goodwill because the whole range with 100% recycled material that really means to do what is right for the planet and good humour because well, emm, it is taking advantage of a new trend in papermaking by emm, making use of elephant and rhinoceros poo for added fiber!
I love this paper!
100% Handcrafted Blank Journals


Handmade journal - Poo collection– COVER: Indian Rag Papers are made by hand using recycled, refined cotton from rags, clothing and textiles instead of pulp from the cotton seed as other papers. Longer fibers in the paper providing exceptional strength and durability. It reminds me of my biology classes (a long time ago)…

Handmade notebook - Poo collection– INSIDE PAPER: Lokta paper made from bushes growing on the Himalayan slopes. The paper is finished in Katmandu and traditionally used for official documents and religious sacred texts.
AND… (Drumroll…)
– WRITING PAPER: 100% recycled Ellie and Rhino Poo, 110gsm paper. This Notebooks and Journals - poo collectionpaper is made with post consumer waste which has been collected from schools, colleges and offices around the UK. It is then mixed with elephant/rhinoceros dung to produce our unique and very unusual Ellie Poo Paper. (Tada!)

Suitable for Writing, Drawing, Sketching– Complementary twig pen

How could you resist saving the planet. its fauna and flora at once?

Available next week on www.huga.ie, Etsy and soon in the Leitrim Design House!  Available in grey, green, blue, pink and red…