Why a Blank Journal is the Best Gift EVER!

Sure, any phone app will do the job of a blank book better! Not quite… Technology may be able to spy on you but it is still limited and pretty basic. NOTHING CAN BEAT A BLANK JOURNAL and to offer a handmade notebook is to offer the opportunity:

  • To dream about possibilities

    handmade blank journal for men
    Handmade blank journal
  • To wonder what should be remembered
  • To stop for a moment to just pause.
  • To empower by getting better organised

Disconnected from the world, we can at last reconnect with oneself. I know of a lady with a shelf full of traveler’s journals left blank, yet each with their own story.

A blank screen from Kindle is just a power failure. An app keeps you on a treadmill, and reinforces “what didn’t happen”, “what needs doing”. When I look at an app, I scream: AAAARGH!!!

 A blank notebook allows “What could be”, “I remember…”, I turn the pages and sigh:   Aaaagh

Relaxing blank journalSo what is so inspirational about a blank book? Well, how about:

  • List your blessings, favourites, treasures and feel comfort from your bounty.
  • Record your dreams, lucid or not and marvel at the gift of creativity or imagination.
  • Plunge deep and pour your heart, appreciating life’s ups and down and learning.
  • Practice mindfulness through good writing, doodling, drawing.
  • Be in charge and get planning that big event, a big year or just day-to-day.
  • Escape and indulge in a fantasy world that could be the next Harry Potter.
  • Monitor changes that could impact your health and well-being, it is all about patterns!
  • Ground yourself and remember what feeds your roots, memories are priceless but so elusive.
  • Reap small wins by recording the results of your efforts, be it gardening, fitness or parenting.
  • Be organised and make your own bullet journal or bucket list
  • Be the light and explore your spirituality.
  • Commit to yourself: write and voice those affirmations for the day.
  • Treasure those culinary nuggets.
  • Marvel at what you saw during your travel or in nature.
  • Make the future possible by breaking down your goals.
  • Make the most of now and capture that fleeting brilliant idea, quote, word of wisdom.
  • Develop intention.
  • Question.
  • Regain serenity.

I am sure you can come up with even more ideas. The point is that a blank book makes your life yours!

Be Huga and treat yourself!