Elusive Memories

Elusive memories

Remembering is so fickle, and the good times so easily forgotten – Embed precious memories everywhere through journaling!

I remember, as a young first-time mother, carefully recording all the milestones and little events that my bundle of joy reached. At that time, I had bought one of those ready made baby journal, where you stick the picture here and record the first birthday party presies there. Today, looking back I would make my own, simply because the format was too constraining and the little things could not be recorded. So, a blank journal is most definitely, what I would use. Keeping memories is a very personal thing!

Instax Album
Instax Album

Later, at a time when life had delivered some serious teaching challenges, I maintained a gratitude journal. Even in the darkest of night, the smallest of candle will shine. In it, every day, I would record something positive. Be it a break in the clouds or funny sayings from my youngest. Indeed, one can develop great resilience in recording the little instance of the moment, be it words or pictures. Besides, one can also get a great sense of life fulfillment looking back at those memories. So it is worth writing down little things and printing little moments – relying on a phone or digital camera will not do. Get an album!

Now, I have four kids, so it can be hard to find the time to capture the little moments, hence I can only aim to do better if grand-children come along. For the time being, everything is in a box, ready for binding, their old outfits are the patchwork on their bed, besides the photos in many albums, and many scratches on walls and pieces of furniture. Embed memories anywhere, especially the little moments…

So, in my granny book, (or my mammy book when I will have the time to sieve through my box of treasure), I would most definitely record their unique take on the world through:

  • The funny philosophical takes on life
  • One-of-a-kind  imaginative scientific ponderings and conclusions
  • Their wise words of wisdom
  • Priceless artwork:  drawings, cards, first novel, and love letters
  • Dates and milestones
  • Size, hand and feet print
  • Titbits

Of course, the bookmark will be that dummy found under the sofa, the book cover the one-of-a-kind bright red Tweetie T-shirt with “It wasn’t me” on it… Ah, the days…Why not making it really unique!

They said it  better

What like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.
― Karl Lagerfeld

How do you record those unique memories in your baby journal?

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