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I always found comfort in notebooks whether life is good, bad or indifferent, they have proven to be loyal, un-judgemental friends. Unlike other friendships, they seem to thrive on abuse, wear and tear make them look and feel better!

So whether you like writing poetry, record memories, sketch away, a good notebooks or journal is the best place for you to be yourself without inhibition!

I am self-taught and make journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, photo albums and the occasional accessories. In addition to my own range, I support fair trade and eco-friendly producers as well as upcycling materials. I believe it is good Karma to do so :-).

I also love all things that makes journaling fun. Their good karma is that it is good to nurture our own little bit of space…’ 



Our Values



I make all the books by hand, and I would be particularly sensitive to the tactile aspects of the book– of course, I want them to look nice, but I love them to feel nice too, and if they also smell wonderful, what a joy! I prefer natural, handmade material as well as material with cultural or historical heritage and at all cost will try to buy raw material from reputable sources.


Our fair trade range is from certified fair trade suppliers from all over the world. This range of product not only empowers local communities to make a living, it also supports women communities, finances local schools and local industries that typically use sustainable resources.  All our Lokta paper are certified fair trade also.




All our papers are recycled at a minimum, i.e. are second generation paper made from the traditional tree-based cellulose fiber. However, we also very much support tree-free paper based on upcycled fibers, be it from textile, fauna or flora. Those papers are of immense character and are much less damaging to the environment

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"Je l'adore ! Il est juste parfait, très bien présenté dans un joli papier de soie coloré. Je recommande!"



"Love this journal came wrapped in pink paper and so pretty, perfection, feels nice in my hands and takes ink well, you can’t go wrong with Huggabindery."



"Such a beautiful journal. I love the unique cover and how it lies flat when open. The binding is gorgeous and the poo paper puts it over the top.”