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A blank journal is the best friend you could possibly have or the best ever present you could give. What else allows you to dream about possibilities, to stop and wonder, to safely explore your inner landscape or gently helps you get organised at once?

The thing is a blank Kindle is a power failure, a blank journal is a window of opportunity.

Your app keeps you on a treadmill, a journal keeps you on the right track.

And the best is, there no Wifi required, no battery needs charging! You are in charge…

So, see how your journal nourishes at once Body, Mind and Spirit and becomes your most loyal trusted friend when travelling  Your Space.

Body Mind Spirit

Body, Mind, Spirit

Good habits are so important. As the body automatically takes control, it frees the mind to focus on more important tasks. However, like young seeds, a good habit requires good nurturing before blossoming. A journal will help you do just this, be it through the use of a diary, tracker or bucket list. So whether you track your time, your weight, your achievements, take note, reflect and move on to yet greener pastures. Good habits allow the body to be the foundation of a broader mind.

Often I am told: “I do not need a Journal, I have my phone”. That’s true but an app keeps reinforcing what still needs to be done, or worse what did not happen. Reminders are great but mindless. As a result, one feels like screaming faced with a life of details. Sitting down with a pen and a mug, I decide what is no longer relevant and clarify my goals. I flicked through the page and sigh with relief and gratitude at what has been achieved and given. Not only I take charge, I tame overwhelm… We can become busybodies if we forget to stop, relax, take stock and explore. Journals are for the purposeful adventurous mind ready for more…

It is busy out there and we may be, at times, feeling disconnected from the world around us. The first step toward reconnection is actually inward, your space travel! Explore the pattern of your life, pay attention to signs along the way, drink from the well of wisdom out there, nourish your Spirit by noticing and acknowledging what has been given to you. I like collecting quotes and poems, inspirational words from various cultures, beliefs, and traditions. It makes me realise we are all in the same boat, ultimately we are one. Huston: Problem solved! Namaste

Your Space

Your Space Travel

So let’s travel, but let’s travel in comfort. It would be nice to have a journal, with perfect handwriting, fabulous drawings, and keen insights. The reality is you are probably like me, without art or graphic design. I do have an amateur bend for lettering and calligraphy but I do not think any real talent worth bragging about.

However it is nice to have a few tips and techniques on how to have fun with pen and paper, helping hand in clarifying visually what is a mess of undefined ideas, alternatives in layouts, prompts for verbalising that can’t-wait-to-tell-you-about-my-amazing-novel-plot! It is not about pretty for other, it is your very own private and personal space so to say you can’t write or draw is rather irrelevant…

So upward and onward en route for some Body, Mind, Spirit wanderlust! Explore the toolkit in the How-to section in how to organise your planner and make your Bujo your best personal assistant, explore creative techniques for relaxation, escape or understanding and finally meander through the joy of words, inspirational embellishment or satisfying visual tricks.

Okay, it is a personal space, but do you tricks you would like to share or would like to be part of a community of like-minded people? Come and join the facebook group and do not forget to sign-up to the newsletter!

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