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💗 Meet Us

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Hohoho…It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

🎄 Strandhill People’s Market, Strandhill Airport: 01 December 2019

🎅 The Conscious Bazaar, Lower Quay Street, Sligo: 14 December 2019

🎄 Strandhill People’s Market, Strandhill Airport: 14 December 2019 (to be confirmed)


💗 Meet Us

  • The Conscious Bazaar, Sligo Town: Saturday 23rd November

See you there, please contact me if you would like to pick up anything, the stock is disappearing fast…


💗 Meet Us

  • Strandhill People’s Market, Sligo: Sunday 6th October
  • The Conscious Bazaar, Sligo Town: Saturday 19th October

See you there! As always, contact me if you would like me to bring something in particular 🙂


💛 In the Workshop

New Range

Alright, this range cannot expand to more than one a week due to health reasons, but those cute little pocket journals make a nifty little gift for the wine lover or nudge a friend for an overdue night out!

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Pinot, Merlot, Sauvignon from Australia, Italy and more… Slainte!

Bespoke Item

Here is the latest bespoke writing journal born this week-end. Extra nice lined writing paper and very luscious Mayan paper! Keep posted because I am now working on a range of extra thick bullet journal – let’s get organised…

💗 Meet Us

September will be spent in the workshop but we are aiming to be back at eh Strandhill People’s Market first weel on October AND at the Conscious Bazaar in Sligo on the 19th! Stay tuned…

💛 In The Shop

Well, the website was relaunched last January and since many things have been added, seriously compromising some of the navigation. This has been sorted and why not have a look? New collections in Handmade, Fairtrade and Upcycled will be added shortly but already, popular journals are coming and going so why not treat yourself to a pre-Brexit Christmas gift?


💗 Meet Us

We will not be applying to the Strandhill Market in For September but we will be there again in October!

💛 In The Shop

I have just added this range of funky desk accessories – Nothing wrong with practical things that brighten your day! Pre-Brexit gift maybe?

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Available in various sizes and colours
  • Now, I am rather pleased with this new range. All are one of a kind, since each record is unique. Let me know whether you might like one to compose music, guitar or other and we might yet make something super special for you!


💗Meet Us

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DUBLIN: Part of the Inside Craft event, I will be in the Smock Alley, near Templebar on the 17 of August. Do join us, show your support for quality Irish-made Art, Craft and Design and maybe get a pre-Brexit bargain for Christmas!

STRANDHILL: I will be confirming our spot at the Strandhill People’s Market on the first Sunday of August, the atmosphere is always great there. As ever if you would like something and save on shipping, let me know and I will make sure I’ll bring it with me. UPDATE: Yep! See you there!

💛 In the Shop

I am currently uploading the rustic range that I promised earlier. Check for pocketbooks, junk journals, and the long-awaited sketchbooks. All are available in quality white or character paper from our favourite heritage mill.

💛 In the Workshop

Keep an eye out for a new collection of funky A6s with a Belgian binding. The patterned covers are bright and funky, maybe a nice gift for the young minded?

Bespoke Order

I have been busy in the workshop with a bespoke order for a vampire style Instax album. A stretch from my usual style but great fun. The styled paper had to be recreated from the theme this customer wanted.


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? Yeah! Check our new blog: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone.

Or maybe I should have called it “The Art to Step Back to Better Embrace.”

Recently, a lady asked me about my use of leather.

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Leather is a beautiful material and I certainly can understand its appeal. Leather is a versatile material, adaptable to various purposes. But: 
– Leather is a by-product of the meat industry but not always
– Sometimes just for the skin matters
– Vellum uses the skin of unborn animals
I do not think journals justify the killing of animals so I work with ethical vegan leather. I only use leather wastage. The left-overs are from dismantled furniture, fashion, horse-riding. Journals with good Karma ?

💗 Meet us

Local fairs, ✨News, Huga: Your Space

=> Strandhill People’s Market: We will be in Strandhill (Sligo) on Sunday 2nd of June, delighted to be celebrating the market’s fifth year. Plenty of goodness and good intention in this hangar, a great celebration of Irish craft, food, and fun living so come and visit, it is fun!


Yeah! The new collection of travel journals is now available on Huga! Vegan leather with marbled paper, decorative stitching and upcycled paper, It is already proving popular! Check the “Artisan Section”

💗 Meet us

=> We will be in Strandhill People’s Market, Sligo, on the 5th of May. If you fancy anything, give us a nudge and we will bring it just for you!


I just to take this opportunity to thank Rachel for her trust and allowing me to be a little part in a very important trip she is about to take. A bespoke journal just like she wanted…

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I ordered a bespoke travel journal for my upcoming trip to New York. I was involved at every step along the way and my ideas were incorporated in the design.

The finished product is better even than I’d dreamt, and uses top quality material. I can’t begin to put into words how happy I am with this journal – it’s utterly beautiful!

Thank you so much, Natalie ! I hope I get to make more once-in-a-lifetime trips in future just so I can order more once-in-a-lifetime journals from you!

💗 Meet us

=> Don’t forget, we will be in Strandhill, aiming to be there the first weekend of every month. If you spot something you would like to pick up, let me know and I will make sure to have it with me!


Spring is here and I am feeling light-hearted: here is a range of polka dots journals, blank or lined – as usual with soft lokta paper for added goodness! Let’s get Dotty..

💗 Meet us

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=> This Saturday, I will be attending the ‘Change Your Mind Festival‘ in Sligo. There should be live entertainment, plenty of stalls with Huga represented, comedy, demonstration, etc… A celebration of mental health in all its aspects. Journaling is a key tool in re-gaining or maintaining mental health: Let’s never forget the power of writing and the power of a blank page. As mentioned before, a blank Kindle is only a power failure, a blank page is a window of opportunity! Check the latest Huga Blog post on how Body, Mind and Spirit become one with the help of journaling! – See you there!