Bullet journal – Brighten your Day


  • Size: A5 (8.5*5.6″)
  • Page: 120pages
  • Material: Bright Lokta Paper, Upcycled banknote paper
  • Binding: Copic binding
  • Suitable for: Writing, Jotting

✨ Why not treat yourself to some accessories (Pen, Clip, Washi tape, and more)? For a bespoke item, please contact me.

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A bright bullet journal featuring upcycled banknote paper inclusion and a lively patterned lokta paper. The coptic exposed spine lays completely flat, whilst also boasting a broad elastic band to clip your pen on and a decorative charm. Everything to brighten your day!

✨ Check our blog, it is full of ideas for bullet journaling and the art of self-efficiency!

Good Karma:

  • Handmade in Leitrim, Ireland
  • Upcycled material
  • Using historical and traditional techniques
  • Supports a family business


  • Coptic Binding is the earliest form of binding for books as we know it today. It succeeded the earlier scroll format with oldest known examples date as far as 200AD. Widely spread by the 11th century, it bound all kind of material (papyrus, parchment, vellum, and paper). Usually, binders would leave the spine exposed, but not always. Its versatility, simplicity, and durability made it the preferred binding for early Christian writings ensuring their rapid reproduction and diffusion. Moreover, it offers excellent creative freedom, it has the benefit of opening completely flat.
  • Lokta Paper: I particularly like its very soft, slightly shiny yet unmistakably artisan qualities. Always made from the fibrous inner bark of high Himalayan elevation Lokta bushes in Nepal, the paper is finished exclusively in Katmandu. Interestingly, it is a recognised and supported fair-trade industry supporting women employment as well as tourism. Once made, Lokta paper can last thousands of years, due to its resistance to humidity and insect. Lastly, it was traditionally used exclusively for official and religious documents.



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