Embossed Vegan Leather Pen Clip


Vegan Pen Holder

  • Material: Embossed Leather and sturdy steel clip (2cm wide)
  • Colour: Various
  • Size: The loop can hold pen 1.5cm in diameter

A handy and sturdy pen clip that will attach your pen to the side of your journal. No more rummaging!

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Vegan Pen Holder: A collection of sturdy embossed faux leather pen clips to attach your pen to your favourite journal. At last, no more rummaging!

đź’› Good Karma

  • Get organised, it feels good!

đź’™ Good to know

  • Both leather, which is animal-based, or vegan leather, which is PVC based are controversial materials, yet with necessary properties. Improvements in vegan leather make it rapidly undistinguishable from real leather in look and feel. I only use leather scrap from other industries, so all Huga journals are essentially upcycled.

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Chocolate, EverGreen, Passion Red, Purple, Royal Blue


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