Polaroid Album – Purple Chiyogami


  • Size: 30*14cm (12″*5.5″)
  • Pages: 40 pages
  • Pictures: Mini, square, wide, photobooth, standard
  • Paper: 180gsm Rhino Paper and Japanese Chiyogami

✨ Why not treat yourself to some accessories (Pen, Clip, Washi tape, and more)? For a bespoke item, please contact me.


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Handmade Polaroid photo-Album to accommodate all your fancy size pictures. With thick 180gsm paper that can support pictures on both sides, it boasts 40 pages that can hold 3 mini, 2 square/wide or one standard picture per page.

Good Karma:

  • Handmade in Leitrim, Ireland
  • Upcycled material
  • Using historical and traditional techniques
  • Supports a family business


  • Washi is a traditional handmade type of Japanese paper that uses local fibres. The know-how behind the craft is protected as part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Behind its apparent fragility lies superior strength and durability, due to the intensively manual labour involved and the necessary icy water required for its production. Washi CHIYOGAMI uses a method of stenciling or screen-printing traditional Japanese designs also used for Kimono paper. Washi KATAZOME uses a resist paste as a method of dyeing paper or fabrics.

  • Coptic Binding is the earliest form of binding for books as we know it today. It succeeded the earlier scroll format with oldest known examples date as far as 200AD. Widely spread by the 11th century, it bound all kind of material (papyrus, parchment, vellum, and paper). Usually, binders would leave the spine exposed, but not always. Its versatility, simplicity, and durability made it the preferred binding for early Christian writings ensuring their rapid reproduction and diffusion. Moreover, it offers excellent creative freedom, it has the benefit of opening completely flat.


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