Rustic Journal (A6), Mixed Paper


– A6 (10.5*14.8cm – 4.1*5.8″), 80pages
– Mixed character paper with light inclusions
– Velvet fastening band, combined coptic and long stitch binding, rivet



A Rustic Journal (A6) with a variety of mixed paper with subtle inclusions.

💚 Handmade, Mixed Paper

– Size: A6 (10.5*14.8cm – 4.1*5.8″)
– Thickness: 80pages
– Paper: Mixed character paper with light inclusions
– Embellishment: Velvet fastening band, combined coptic and long stitch binding, rivet

💛 Good Karma

– Handmade in Ireland
– Support a family business
– Support a heritage not-for-profit paper mill

💙 Good to Know

Medieval Long-Stitch Binding involves sewing directly through the covering material. It is a centuries-old technique with examples dating from the second century, primarily in Germany. By the 14th century, schools and university books relied on this style for binding limp parchment. Traditionally, strong linen thread or a twisted piece of vellum (tacket) provided stability and strength. Interestingly, Italian printed books also favoured this binding until the 16th century, while early 20th Century almanacs still relied on this technique. Finally, the French developed their own style by passing the thread through the previous signature creating a lacey effect.
Lokta Paper: I particularly like its very soft, slightly shiny yet unmistakably artisan qualities. Always made from the fibrous inner bark of high Himalayan elevation Lokta bushes in Nepal, the paper is finished exclusively in Katmandu. Interestingly, it is a recognised and supported fair-trade industry supporting women employment as well as tourism. Once made, Lokta paper can last thousands of years, due to its resistance to humidity and insect. Lastly, it was traditionally used exclusively for official and religious documents.

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg

Aqua, Beige, Brown, Light Pink, Lime


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