Tomoe River Leather Carnet: Striped Corkskin


  • Size: A6 (4.1*5.8″)
  • Page: 160pages
  • Material: Reclaimed leather, Corkskin, Himalyan Lokta paper and Tomoe River Paper
  • Binding: Saddle
  • Suitable for: Fine Writing, particularly suited for the crisp lines of fountain pens

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An ultra slim 160pages pocketbook harbouring fine Tomoe River paper, famed for its impeccable fine writing qualities (no ghosting or feathering), its thinness and affinity with crisp fountain pen lines.  The reclaimed leather adds texture to the spine, the sturdy cover is soft and boast a natural pattern. Finally the inside paper is Himalayan Lokta for sturdiness and elegance.

Good Karma:

  • Handmade in Leitrim, Ireland
  • Using historical and traditional techniques
  • Supports South American Indian and fair trade economy
  • Supports a family business


  • Tomoe River (Tomoegawa) paper can be difficult to source due to is popularity. It is a deceptively fragile, thin and high-quality paper resistant to bleeding and feathering. It is particularly partial to fountain pen writing, leaving immaculate lines.
  • Corkskin: is a versatile, naturally water-resistant material, handmade in Portugal, where thin layers of cork are laminated onto a smooth base sheet. This paper is environmentally friendly as only the outer layer of organically grown tree bark is used; hence the tree is not cut down but left to develop a new outer bark over and over again.


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