Washi Tape Set: Nature to Match Your Mood


  • Length: 7 meters, 1cm wide
  • Style: Water colour, Nature inspired
  • Colour: Vibrant colour
  • Material: Rice paper
  • Suitable as: Journal accessory (decoration, divider, organisation), Scrapbooking, or just add pizzazz to day-to-day things.


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Washi tape set of three vivid watercoloured-style rolls. Each roll is 7 meters long. Inspired by Nature, they are perfect to reflect your mood and embellish your day-to-day.

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  • Washi tape is a pretty, decorative paper masking tape, made of natural fibers (hemp, rice, bamboo). It is very thin, yet strong and durable. Furthermore, the tape is easy to stick on most surfaces (wood, plastic, metal) and is also easy to remove without causing damage.
  • Washi tape was invented In 2006, by an industrial masking tape manufacturer. One day, the owner Kamoi Kakoshi, received a package sent by a group of retired ladies. It consisted of a book of art made with the industrial masking tape he was producing. The ladies politely asked for brighter and more varied designs. He dismissed it as a hoax but the ladies persisted with more art and more requests for tape as an art medium. Eventually, Kamoi Kakoshi obliged as you should when dealing with determined women. The art washi tape became a wild success in Japan by both schoolgirls and interior designers alike, and its popularity is now world-wide. Quite funny really!


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1. Jellyfish, 10. Maple leaves, 11. Sunset, 12. Wheat Field, 13. Mountain Range, 14. Rye Field, 15. Butterfly, 16. Moonscape, 17. Misty forest, 18. Nasturtium, 19. Bamboo, 2. Waves, 20. Palm Leaves, 21. Grapes, 22. Hibiscus, 23. Corn Flower, 24. Cosmos, 3. Peacock feather, 4. Water Bubble, 5. Bird in Flight, 6. Hydrangea, 7. Blue Flower, 8. Morning Glory, 9. Peach Blossom


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