Reflective Journal Prompts

Reflective Journal Prompts

Are you interested in ‘Reflective Journal’, also called ‘Learning Journal’? Looking for prompts to get started?

The goal of these prompts is to challenge and deepen thinking and learning, fostering critical and lateral thinking. They are also referred as ‘meta-cognitive prompts’.


  • What was the most important point of the learning/experience and why.
  • What are the main things I learnt, didn’t expect or disprove previously held beliefs
  • What should be remembered?


  • How does this learning/experience overlap with other areas of studies/experience?
  • What miscellaneous facts might make sense later?
  • Do I see patterns emerging?


  • What are the areas of further exploration?
  • What is about the conclusion I am unsure about?
  • What ideas are prompting me for further actions?
  • What can/should I do next?


  • What do I like/dislike about this learning/experience
  • How did my mindset affect how I approached my work?
  • Did I do an effective job of communicating my learning?

Developing Lateral Thinking

  • Can I approach this from a different angle/discipline/viewpoint?
  • How do concepts fit together?
  • What influences are noticeable, how do they manifest?
  • How does the learning relate to a particular purpose?

Developing Analytical Thinking

  • What areas should I focus on further?
  • How are concepts put together?
  • How does the learning/experience support a particular goal?

Developing Critical Thinking

  • How reliable are my sources?
  • What filters colour their view?
  • How consistent is the narrative, in content and over time?
  • How does this resonate with my experience and intuition?


  • Were the strategies and skills I used effective for this assignment/challenge?
  • What have I learned about my strengths and my areas in need of improvement?
  • How am I progressing as a learner?
  • How can I best use my strengths to learn?
  • What steps should I take or resources should I use to meet my challenges
  • How can my learning environment be improved?

This is just the beginning! Enjoy the journey!

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